Crowns and Bridges

Whether you need to repair a damaged tooth or replace missing teeth, crowns and bridges do the job, giving you back a beautiful smile while fully restoring your bite. Thanh Lam, DDS FAGD, at North Rockville Dental, works closely with each patient, gently performing preparatory work, and then ensuring their dental crown or bridge fits perfectly and looks like their natural teeth. To learn more about dental crowns and bridges, call the office in Rockville, Maryland, or book an appointment online.

Crowns/ Bridges Q & A

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are commonly called caps, which perfectly describes their function: They completely encase or cap a tooth.

A dental crown can:

  • Restore a cracked or broken tooth
  • Cover and protect a tooth following a root canal
  • Preserve a weak tooth
  • Improve the appearance of discolored or crooked teeth

Although crowns are commonly placed over existing teeth, they’re also used together with dental implants to replace missing teeth.

What are dental bridges?

Dental bridges replace one or more missing teeth, improving your appearance and preventing the surrounding teeth from moving out of their normal position. Dr. Lam may attach the bridge to existing teeth, anchor it using dental implants, or use both.

Will my crown or bridge look natural?

Yes, Dr. Lam uses materials that match the color of your teeth. Crowns are usually made from porcelain and other crystalline materials, which has a translucence that mimics your natural teeth, resists staining, and is a hard, durable material. These materials do not show gray lines like metal-based crowns. Bridges are made from the same materials as crowns. In some circumstances different materials are available and Dr. Lam will explain the differences and advantages/disadvantages of which materials he chooses to use.

What should I consider before getting a crown or bridge?

You may want to consider teeth whitening before getting a crown or bridge. This is important because whitening agents used on your natural teeth won’t work on porcelain. If you’d like whiter teeth, it’s best to whiten first so that your new crown or bridge is made to match.

How many dental visits does it take to get a crown or bridge?

The process of getting a crown or bridge usually takes at least two visits, sometimes more if you need other dental work done.

The time it takes and the number of visits also depend on the type of crown or bridge, the condition of the underlying tooth and whether it’s being anchored using existing teeth or dental implants. Dr. Lam can give you all the details about your procedure after your initial visit.

If you have missing, damaged, or discolored teeth, call North Rockville Dental or book an appointment online to learn more about restoring your smile.

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